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Games Are On This Weekend!


Carpinteria Middle School

5351 Carpinteria Ave., Carpinteria, CA 93013


Freddy Martinez has let me know that the pool at CMS has an event scheduled today, Sunday 6/12/22.

To that end, you’ll want to not park by the pool, but in the far parking lot and on the streets around the field. Freddy also mentioned that the parking lot next to the post office could be a place to park as well. 

Current Players

WINTER/SPRING SEASON OF 2022: Due to the increasing costs of field rentals, Hapco fees are $85 for the coming Winter/Spring season. Be sure to pay your fees as soon as possible when we start the new season on 1/16/22 at San Marcos High School. Our preferred method of payment is via Venmo, and the instructions for paying your dues via Venmo is at https://hapcosoccer.com/2019/05/01/venmo-instructions/

SAFETY MEASURES: Hapco has purchased new goal keeping gloves that can only be used by one person per day, and we can no longer share GK tops etc. as we once did. Therefore, if you have GK gloves, please bring them as well as a GK top so you can personally use them. You will not be asked to share them with anyone else.

Venmo Instructions

Below are instructions for using Venmo to pay you Hapco dues.

  1. Open Venmo app on your smartphone and type in “hapco-1”.
  2. “Hapco Treasury @ hapco-1” will appear. Select that account.
  3. Type in $85 and put your name and team in the “What’s it for?” field.
  4. Click the blue “Pay” button. 
  5. Tell or email your captain that you paid by Venmo

Hapco Substitution Policy

The Hapco Substitution Policy

Priority is given to play Hapco rules, which requires 3 women vs. 3 women. It can be played 2 women vs. 2 women at the discretion of the captains. It also can be played with up to 4 women vs. 4 women. If one team has more women than the other, the team with the fewer women is not obligated to displace one of their men by taking the extra women from the other team UNLESS it allows for Hapco rules. Instead the extra woman can play as a man and sub accordingly. However, under no circumstances will a woman who is not on either team ever be given priority over a man who is on one of the teams scheduled to play.